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Progress in the last few months has been good with the frame to all three buildings moving forwards.

Building 1 is just over 1/3 of the way up (level 11 of 26) and by jumping the cores we are managing to get the turnabout down to a floor every eight or nine days. Building 1 will top out some time in February, about 10m below the jib of the tower crane. Building 2 is now at level nine of 14 and we will complete this frame in just over a month. Building 3 is also coming on well with the 6th floor slab being poured and just two more floors and a roof to form. By the end of October this concrete frame will also be pretty much complete.

In the last months we have also laid the base course of tarmac to the service yard (between us and Tesco Express) which has sealed the site. This will keep dust down and in winter stop us dragging mud onto the road. The permanent paving is also being laid along the basin wall which is improving the finish here and in three months time the waterfront will again be fully open with the new surface in place, and new light columns ready for winter. Hopefully you like our safe access tunnel through the site in the meantime via our four shipping containers which provide a very safe access route across an otherwise busy project.